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A full of history, culture and nature landscape. Create your own route among the multiple choices we offer you in this page.

Burgos, historic city

Burgos Cathedral is one of the brightest monuments of the gothic religiuos arquitecture in Spain, declared Common Heritage of Mankind in 1987. Next to this skyline-defining monument, the rehabilitated old center contains a number of restaurants and tapas taverns where to enjoy local living. Streets remain old historical figures like El Cid Campeador.

Serrano Romanesque

The Iglesia of San Esteban, the main representative of the “Serrano Romanesque” style resides in Pineda de la Sierra, a beautiful village in the heart of Sierra de la Demanda along with the nearby Vizcaínos and Jaramillo de la Fuente Churches. In the south slope (Tierra de Lara) another interesting monument deserves a visit: the Visigothic Chapel of Quintanilla de las Viñas.

Sabinares del Arlanza

A full day trip to the juniper-forest of Arlanza will allow you to walk through monasterys and medieval villages. You can visit the famous Santo Domingo de Silos, the half in ruins beauty of the Monastery of Arlanza, and the medieval arquitecture of the village of Covarrubias.


Crossing the mountains you will find the village of Ezcaray. This small town is well-known for it’s famous restaurants (one of them two Michelin-starred) and snow sports, and it is also relevant its active cultural life led by the Jazz Festival (next will be the 20th edition).



These are some of our favourite routes, but this landscape goes a long way… Come and discover them!

Green Way (Vía Verde)

The Sierra de la Demanda’s Green Way is the old layout of a mining railway. It runs 56 kilometers through the richest forests (oaks, beechs, birch, holly and pine forests) and landscapes of this natural reserve.

Long-Distance Trails (GR’s)

If your looking forward to walk this amazing area without fear, we suggest you the Long Distance Walks. GR-82 is a circular trail covering the north and south of the Sierra de la Demanda. GR-290 (Dos Aguas) will take you alogn the line of mountain peaks by the wildest side. Ready? We can help you organizing the trip and also we can drive you home everyday after your track to sleep home.

Short Distance Trails (PR’s)

The short distance trails will help you discover the most beautiful landscapes with a little effort. Most of them are bike paths (we can rent you bikes) and you can cover the whole track in one day. Don’t miss the Minner Walk (Brieva de Juarros), the Source of Oropesa River (Pradoluengo) or the Cascades Route (Santa Cruz del Valle Urbión). Ask us for further information and start walking!

Sierra de la Demanda at a glace

If you don’t have enough time but you don’t want to miss anything, you can drive with your car or motorbike this circular route (we can also drive you all the way). From Arlanzón, follow the main road to Pineda de la Sierra – Barbadillo del Pez – Barbadillo del Mercado. You can come back by the N-234 road to Burgos and then Arlanzón. On the road, use the map and your intuition to discover the most picturesque scenes. (Total distance: 143 km). See the map


We can rent you bikes, help you rent a car or even drive you to your departure point and back after the route. Just let us know what you need, we’re glad to help